Tuesday, May 7, 2013

So True!!!

Not Art Related, Yet So True!!!
Found this on tumblr

I'm living proof of this.
For those that don't know back when I originally had my stroke, I was in a coma,on life support. After a few days Doctors gathered my family together and basically tried convincing them to shut off life support. Claiming I'll be a vegetable at best, if I ever wake up. Saying people just don't survive my type of stroke.

Luckily my parents weren't about to give up on me and I awoke a few days later. I was 98% paralyzed, unable to speak or move a single muscle. Blinking my right eye was my only way of communicating as the left eye was part of the 98%. I was shocked especially when I noticed a tube sticking out of my neck, breathing for me.

Yet miracles do happen. To make a long story short it took a hell of a lot of therapy and strong will to get to the point I am today. Yet not fully healed, I am able to function on a daily basis with minimal support.

My new found passion for Art is what got me through depression, even though I get frustrated by it at times (OK...allot). Painting is a form of rehabilitation for me as it has improved my left arm quicker than any other exercise. I'm hoping it will benefit my right side the same way.

Even though I have a list of physical setbacks I haven't mentioned. I am so happy (more then words can describe) that I was given another chance and my parents never considered giving up.
 Because I love life
Thank You!!!
"Never give up on anybody. Miracles happen every day." 

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